Alexa Stark

Alexa Stark clothing is a reflection of the complex age we live in, creatively balancing the practical and the spectacle in women’s design. We seek to unify form, function and material, using processes and production methods that recognize the importance of sustainability and healthy work standards.

The Alexa Stark label, designed in-house, is produced by the Portland Garment Factory in Portland, Oregon. We practice minimal waste production. All left over fabric is re-purposed in our salvage denim designs, recycled at local fabric recycling bins, or absorbed into the creative explorations of other artists.

The label’s high quality fabrics are carefully sourced from vendors who value sustainability. We seek out material produced in America to reduce the carbon footprint. Materials sourced outside the United States have other qualities of a sustainable nature and are produced in countries with carefully regulated production facilities. We believe that working with salvaged materials is the most conscientious way of producing new garments and we are always exploring new design ideas that incorporate this method.

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