Laurel Patrick

Laurel Patrick signifies a treasure chest filled with ideas for symbols and objects made by Alexis Laurel MacDonald, and shared with Mark Patrick Moore.  Laurel Patrick is all about Alexis sharing her passion for hand-crafted artistry and her ongoing journey towards creative enlightenment.

Alexis has dedicated herself to a life of creative vision and innovative design. She studied painting, sculptural design, and fashion at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. With that education she has spent the past decade based in New York City designing accessories and fashion footwear. While her work took her all over the world, Alexis developed a passion for hand crafting objects she wanted to wear every day which included precious and sustainable materials. Because of these experiences, making the most of life's little treasures is Alexis's only mission statement.  

Drawing from her Michigan heritage, family knowledge, a passion for collecting gems, antiques, and heirloom jewelry, Alexis was inspired and driven to expand her artistic practices into the disciplines of jewelry design, metal smithing, and wax carving.

It is Alexis's belief that reflecting upon the powers of rocks and keeping their powers close is essential to approaching a positive spiritual life that is key to the constant evolutionary process we all share.





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